Letter from Rev. Beth - Updates

Sunday March 22nd,  2020

My dear friends:

My goodness what a couple of weeks we have had!  Here are some updates.

Worship Service:  As a deanery we are worshipping together in a recorded service of Morning Prayer. The link for the service is: https://christchurchnorthbay.ca/wordpress/?p=1620.  We are using the Christ Church web site at:  http://christchurchnorthbay.ca/   The service includes a copy of the Morning Prayer and the sermon. You may follow and join in the responses.

Food Shelf and Open Arms Café:  We are most grateful to be able to continue these two ministries. The delivery service is different than in the past.   The Coivd-19 precautions are implemented. On Wednesdays you will see recipients one at a time receive a bag of Food Shelf items and in the evening you will see recipients receiving a lunch bag meal from the front steps of the Parish Hall.

When you are grocery shopping consider purchasing items for the Food Shelf.  Items needed for this week are: powdered milk, canned meats, toilet paper, sugar, canned vegetables and soups, hand soap, small snack items –little packages of Dad's cookies, one serving custards or puddings etc. Thank you.  

Finances:  Though the Church is closed to worship and gatherings of people, the bills keep arriving!  There is hydro, water, electricity and salaries to name some.  There are a number of ways you can submit your offering. You can mail it to the church, use the EOP option, or use the Canada Helps option.  If interested in temporarily using the EOP (Electronic Offering Program), contact Molly Cleator at  mollycleator@gmail.com. If you want to contribute through Canada Helps... go to www.Canada Helps.org, click on Donate,  then under search, type St. John the Divine Church.  Look for our cross in the heart.   There are few St. John the Divine churches!

Dinner/Auction: The dinner /auction will be rescheduled to the Fall. Dawn is securing a date.  Your tickets will be honored. When the precautions are lifted, we will need a time to be together, share stories and be joyful and celebrate.

Each Other….Stay connected. It is so important.  I have email addresses for many of you but I am missing a few and there are some who do not use email or social media.  If you know that someone is missing on the address line, please let me know.  My cell is 303-8681 or the church at 472-6070. Church messages are checked once a week. 

I am at the hospital as a chaplain during the crisis.  Let me know if there is someone there I need to visit.  We have three parish pastoral visitors who will continue to make telephone calls to folks.  We have had two parishioners come forward to help fellow parishioners in need.

Do stay well and safe.  Pray each day for each other.

Your sister in Christ.


Pray this everyday!

“Holy and gracious God, give us strength to meet the health crisis growing in our world. Enlighten researchers that they may discover the right vaccine against this disease. Bring together agencies around the world that they may work together to eradicate this health crisis. Guide the doctors and nurses and all medical staff working with those who are infected that they may be protected as they care for their patients. We pray for those who are ill or isolated because of this virus, that they may know your love and care as it comes to them through human hands. We pray also for those who have died and for the bereaved that they will know the consolation of your love. Keep us mindful of our responsibilities during this time of anxiety and enable us to do all we can in our homes, churches and communities to alleviate the risk of spreading the virus. All this we ask through Jesus Christ our Saviour. Amen”

(Excerpts from Episcopal Church – Diocese of Virginia)

And may the peace of the Lord be with you always.

Comic: Two sheep over eachother the peace from a significant distance instead of shaking hands.

Thank you Steve and Barb Kitzul