Odds and Ends - Apr 28

Hi everyone.

We have a lot to offer this week from a poetic fundraiser and birthday to bees and food shelf items.

If we were back in church we would be singing our hearts out, listening to Rev. Grahame’s sermons and hearing a request from Christine about her favourite topic . . . the bees.

I can’t help with the singing or the sermons but I did ask Christine to share her concerns with us about her friends, the bees.

Christine: A gentle reminder that the bees are hungry after a long winter and are starting to forage for food.

Please don't cut your dandelions or spray pesticides. Dandelions are a big source of first nutrition for them.

Also, placing a saucer of water with a few marbles or pebbles in it makes a platform for them to light on in order to drink without drowning.

I symbolically adopted two Bees in memoriam at Christmas through WWL. 

Many of you tell me about your bees and what you do.


thank you and the bees thank you.


One of our parishioners, Brandy de Blois, had
a birthday earlier this week. And while her family

Birthday cake(1).jpg
couldn’t offer her a big celebration because of Covid, her mom dropped off a gift and her son baked her a special, colourful birthday cake.
It looks great Cameron. Happy Birthday Brandy.

Food Shelf

Next on our list is The Food Shelf and Lynda Hughes, once again, wants to thank everyone who has so kindly donated items of food which are handed out each Wednesday morning to those who are greatly in need. Once again cereal, instant coffee and canned vegetables top the badly needed list. And, once again, Irv Dyck has scanned the grocery store flyers to find out who has these items on sale.

 Shreddies, Raisin Bran, Fruit Loops, Frosted Flakes (345-425 g) $2.99 Cheerios (725g) box $5.49
Nescafe Instant Coffee (170 g) $4.99

Raisin Bran (450g) $2.99
Our Compliments canned vegetables 348 ml. 99 cents

Cheerios (1.3 kg) $7 or $6 member price


Rice Chex (300g) and Cheerios (450g) $2.99

Food Basics:

Cheerios (430g) $2.88

Giant Tiger: Del Monte canned vegetables (341-398 mil can) $1.27

And last but not least . . . Camp Temiskaming’s poetic fundraiser

Due to Covid – 19 Camp Temiskaming will not be able to open its doors to eager campers both young and old this summer. However, the expenses of the camp remain. So, instead of baking and selling goodies we are being asked to make a donation to help the camp.

Cheques can be mailed to Camp Temiskaming, PO Box 543, Englehart,
ON P0J 1H0


e-transfer to camptemiskaming@outlook.com

I want to share the poem about the bake less bake sale. It is cute.

A bit of news we have today,

A bake less bake sale is on the way,

In these busy days now, who could bake

Pies or cookies or even a cake?

You’d be surprised if you counted the cost,

Of material, heat and time you’d lost.

Baking for a sale is extra work.

Yet nobody really wishes to shirk.

So, we’ve thought of a plan that is truly grand,

And feel quite sure you will understand.

We ask for you to donate the price

Of a pie or cake or something nice.

Without fuss or bother you’ve done your part,

We’re sure you will give with a willing heart,

This is the end of our little tale

Wishing success for our bake less bake sale.

I am still getting requests for Rev. Grahame's Lenten booklet. So, if you would like one just call or send me an e-mail and I will put one in the mail.

That’s it for this week folks. Remember, if you want to add something to next week’s edition of Odds and Ends just e-mail it to me and I will make sure it is used.

Stay safe,