Odds and Ends - May 19th

Hi Everyone
Spending time outdoors
What beautiful weather we have been having. Although some people are complaining about what they can't do, I have noticed a great many people finding more ways to spend time outdoors. While I am walking my dog Maggie I have spotted a number of households that have invested in a trampoline and the sounds of their children laughing as they bounce up and down is wonderful. I have also spotted numerous vegetable gardens springing up. One neighbour is hoping to be able to sell some of his produce in a few months.
My vegetable garden is still in margarine containers, but the plants are getting too big and will soon have to be planted in the ground. However, I am a little nervous that the weather may yet turn cold. What do you think?
Artwork on Etsy
It turns out we have another artist in our congregation.  Annie Loder has taken some amazing photos and she has them on etsy. I didn't realize that she was such a good photographer. Her photos are amazing. Take a look for yourself.  Here is the link.

Wednesdays continue to be a busy day at St. John's as people drop off 
groceries for the Food Shelf and the volunteers prepare the evening meal for 
Open Arms guests.
I never cease to be proud of my fellow parishioners when I see how you all
cheerfully help others by donating not only food but your time as well.
This week Lynda Hughes told me there is a need for sugar, peanut butter,
 powdered milk and canned vegetables. As usual, Irv Dyck got busy with the 
fliers and came up with specials on peanut butter. It seems grocery stores
never put powdered milk on sale and, in fact, this week peanut butter is the
only on sale item.
Jiff Peanut Butter (1kg) $4.99
Kraft Peanut Butter (1kg) 2 for $9
Shoppers Drug Mart
Kraft Peanut Butter (1kg) $3.99
Confirmation Photo
Thanks so much for all the help identifying members of the confirmation
class. It turns out I was wrong about the time. The photo was probably
taken in the early to mid 1960s. If that new information helps you to identify 
either yourself or a friend or relative please let me know.
Lenten Booklets
I am still getting requests for Lenten Booklets so it's not too late if you
would like one. Just call me at the church - 705-472-6070 or e-mail me 
at sjdparish@gmail.com I have also had a few pre-orders for Rev. Grahame's
Easter booklet. As soon as it is finished I will be putting it together in a second 
Stay safe my friends and, if possible, please stay out of trouble.