Odds and Ends - May 5

Online Course with the Archbishop of Canterbury
St. Brice’s will be hosting a short (5 session) on-line course about “reconciliation,” facilitated by Justin Welsby, the current Archbishop of Canterbury. It is not to make people Christians, but to equip Christians to become more who we are called to be in 

Jesus Christ. Each session is about 90 minutes long. Rev. Peter Armstrong doesn’t have a fixed time as to when

they will offer it as yet. Please contact St. Brice’s for further information at 705-474-4005. I will also be posting more information in Odds and Ends as it becomes available.

I watched the introduction and it seemed very interesting and I will be signing up. The link to the Archbishop’s introduction is

Faith in a Conflicted World - YouTube

Difference: The power of faith in a conflicted world (rln.global)


Prayer Warriors

 Everyone seems to be enjoying Rev. Grahame’s daily prayer, mini sermon and blessing but we thought it might be time to bring the Prayer Warriors out of retirement. If you, or anyone you know, would like to be included in their prayers just let me know. And, if any of you would like to be a Prayer Warrior please send me an e-mail at sjdparish@gmail.com

Pine cones

Pam Handley let me know that she and Peter have lots of large pine cones and some smaller ones, as well, in their garden. They would be perfect for crafts. Maybe even for next year’s Christmas Bazaar. If you are interested just let her know and she will round some up for you. Don’t forget Pam is also available to answer any gardening questions you might have.

Food Shelf

Once again Lynda Hughes would like to thank everyone for their very generous support of the Food Shelf. She has given me her list for this week which includes cereal, canned vegetables and soup.

Irv Dyck has also been on duty and has already gone through the flyers looking for the best deal on these items.



Honey Nut Cheerios and Cinnamon Toast Crunch (526-778 g) - $3.88

Del Monte canned vegetables 99 cents

Campbell’s Soup 88 cents



Campbell soups 97 cents


Giant Tiger

Campbell’s Ready to Eat Soup (540 ml can) $1.67

Shreddies (725g) - $2.99


No Frills

Campbell’s Chunky Soup (540 ml) can $1.67

No Name canned vegetables $1.00


Food Shelf Volunteer

A volunteer is needed for several Tuesdays during the next two months. If you are interested in filling in just give me a call at 705-472-6070 or email me at sjdparish@gmail.com


When is a church envelope not an envelope?

(Sorry for my poor attempt at creating a riddle)
I have had a request to let everybody know the different ways they can keep up their Sunday offerings. You can slip it in the mail or even put it in the church mailbox yourself.

A great many people are turning to Internet e-transfers which is a very quick and simple thing to do. Or, you can call the office and ask Irv to set up a direct deposit. Whichever way you choose please know that your donations, whether they are big or small, are greatly appreciated.


That’s all for this week. Don’t forget if you have anything you want to share with everyone such as a birthday, anniversary or actually anything at all just email me the information and I will be happy to include it in next week’s Odds and Ends.


God bless, stay safe and Happy Mother’s Day