Rev. Beth's Easter Letter

My dear Friends:

We certainly will not forget Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Easter 2020 when we celebrated these services with Zoom, Youtube or live streaming technology. Though COVID-19 keeps us  2 meters apart, the good news of the resurrection keeps us together.  We are an Easter people always.

Henri Nouwen describes the season of Easter as a time of hope.  There is still fear and anxiety as evidenced by COVID- 19 and its ramifications for all of us.  However there is a light that breaks through the fear and uncertainty like many rays of hope.

On Easter Saturday, in John’s Gospel, we can imagine Mary, Peter and the beloved apostle – who we think is John- deeply distraught and confused by the turbulent events of the past week in Jerusalem. Most of Jesus disciples had fled the scene at Golgotha. It is Mary, Peter and John who bring us to the empty tomb.  It is there we dare to hope.

Peter, the bold, sometimes impetuous one, entered the tomb and saw the linen wrappings lying on the ground.  John surveyed the situation and believed.  As Mary wept, Jesus called her by name. Here at the empty tomb was the unexpected presence of their Lord and Master. 

At Easter our awareness of God’s presence is heightened in the unsuspecting, unexpected happenings of the day.  The disciples experienced His presence when they shared a meal with Jesus over a charcoal fire on a beach, or walked with Him to Emmaus, or saw Him miraculously appear in a locked room offering his words of comfort, “Peace be with you”.

 During our current situation, our awareness of God’s power and steadfast  love is evident in the creativity, flexibility and resourcefulness of so many people in how they connect with each other and share themselves.  Yes, this time is difficult yet we hold fast to the truth that God’s promises and His constant presence will sustain us always.

Easter is the good news that death does not have the final word. The final word is the hope of the resurrection. He has risen!  Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! What happened on that Easter day with Peter, Mary and John still beings us joy and changes our lives today. We are an Easter people: people of light, hope and a future.

Archbishop Anne invites us to be part of the Diocesan church services during Holy Week and Easter. Click the link and follow the instructions on the page. 

Have a blessed Holy Week and Easter.

Your sister in Christ, 


Beth Hewson+