Rev Beth's Weekly Letter - July 5

If you commit yourself to the love of Christ, then that is how you run a straight race.   Eric Liddell      

Saturday July 4th, 2020

Dear Friends:

At Evening Prayer we were introduced to Eric Liddell, a Scottish missionary who spent most of his life in China.  He had a passion for serving God and for running.  His life and his refusal to run the 100 meter race on the Sabbath in the 1924 Olympics was the inspiration for the film Chariots of Fire. 

The film documents his steadfastness and loyalty to obey God first in all things he did.  He would say to fellow Christians:  If, in the quiet of your heart, you feel something should be done, stop and  consider whether it is in line with the character and teaching of Jesus. If so, obey that impulse to do it, and in doing so you will find it was God guiding you. I challenge you. Have a great aim- have a high standard- make Jesus your ideal…make Him an ideal not merely to be admired but also to be followed. With that as a guiding principle he did not run on the Sabbath at the Olympics.  He was offered the challenge of the 400 meter race.  He ran it and won the gold medal!

As we relax into the summer, take time to watch this film.  See how Liddell lives out his faith in all that he does. It is available at the North Bay Library.  

Condolences and Sympathy to the family of Delphine Large. Delphine was the accomplished wife of Canon Large who served at St. John’s from 1951-1973. There is a stain glass window near the side chapel dedicated to the  Large Family. Her obituary is here.

Evening Prayer:  This worship service continues to bring joy, a sense of normalcy and connection to each other and God during these unusual times.  Mark your calendar.  Look for the Zoom invitation on Wednesday.  Service is on Thursday evening at 7:00pm.

Worship: Click here after 6:00pm this evening for the worship service.

As your pastor I am thankful for the long reach of Jesus through St. John’s in the community.  Open Arms prepared meals on July 1st for lunch and dinner for many hungry guests. Thank you my friends.   I appreciate calls from any of you who notice that someone may be in need of a visit or a friendly call.   You may always email me at:  

You will be interested…. a new prayer warrior is praying for each and every one of you for the month of July!   

Let us join together in pray….  Creator and gracious God, draw our hearts to you, guide our minds, fill our imaginations, control our wills, that we might be wholly yours, utterly dedicated to you; and then use us, we pray, as you will , always to your glory and welfare of  your people, through our Redeemer, Jesus Christ. Amen.