Rev. Beth's Weekly Letter - June 28

School's out! Congratulations to all our young people at St. John's.

You are precious to God and St. John's

Saturday June 27, 2020

Dear Friends:

It is a short letter packed with news, my friends! 

Congratulations to our new graduates: Anne Loder and Caitlin Minor both graduated from high school. Shei Agboola graduated from public school.  Wonderful accomplishment, my friends!

Worship:  After 5:00pm on Saturday, click on the Christ Church web page  for the weekly service.

Evening Prayer Service: look for the Zoom invitation on Wednesday. Come and connect with each other and the Gospel. 

Condolences and Sympathy:  This past week Canon Bain Peever and  Mrs. Dorothy Chabot died.  Both Canon Bain and Dorothy were pillars of our faith communities working tirelessly to bring the Gospel to all.  Do pray for family members: Lynda Peever, Dawn Clarke and Dorothy Chabot’s daughter, Ruth.

News from the Diocese:  There were two productive meetings this past week with the Archbishop.  One addressed the reopening of churches and the other was learning  about the COIVD-19 virus from Rev. Michael Garner, a priest/epidemiologist. You can find his presentation here. 

On reopening churches: Rev. Kelly Baetz and Rev. Dr. Jay Koyle are charged with putting together a working plan. Each church will be responsible for how to implement the plan, and we anticipate that each church will be different.  Churches have different circumstances and needs.  Rev. Baetz and Rev. Coyle need our input. This is a new situation for everyone.  If you have a question about how something might be done in the church, please send them your query. 

Zoom is part of our communication tools.  Befriend Zoom.  When we return to church there are some who will not be comfortable returning to an enclosed space. It is likely worship services will be a combination of using Zoom, live streaming and being in church. We all have a different tolerance of risk.

Second waves are part of pandemics.  Expect a second wave.  Vaccines are helpful but are not always the “magic bullet.” Continue the best practices of physical distancing, washing hands, wearing masks and coughing in your elbow.  

From our meeting this week, it was clear how tirelessly and diligently the Diocese staff is working to keep the body of Christ alive and well.  I encourage you to send the Archbishop and staff a piece of correspondence here.  

Finances: Thank you for remembering your offering. You may use e-transfer, EOP, Canada Helps or mail it to the church.  Some bigger bills  are expected in July.

Take care, be safe and know you are part of the body of Christ.