Rev. Beth's Weekly Letter - May 3

May 3rd, 2020

Dear Friends:

Recently I was with a patient who read aloud Acts 2: 42-47  (that happens to be our first reading for this Sunday). After reading he sat up, sighed deeply, looked longingly into the distance and said: “If only it was still true today.” He imagined a community of believers held together by their love for Jesus – the Good Shepherd. A community anchored in scripture, praying together, sharing the Eucharist and caring for each other in tangible ways.  Needless to say his experience of faith communities had not been fulfilling. 

I pondered how does our faith community look different now and would it look different after COVOD-19.  Certainly the biggest change is our worship service is now “feasting on the word and fasting on the Eucharist.” However, what has remained strong is prayer. Prayer is what keeps us connected.  Listen to this version of “Our Father”.  It will fill your soul and connect you with the larger community of believers.  Thank you to Nick and Elaine Moor for this gem.

Worship:  The link for the worship service can be found here.

Special Blessing:  Sunday, May 3rd  is known as “Good Shepherd Sunday.” Archbishop Anne invites everyone to receive a blessing  via livestream from the portico of Bishophurst at 2:00pm.

Finances: Thank you for your continued support through your offerings. E transfers have been very successful and we will likely continue this form of receiving offerings in the future. Remember though you may mail your contribution, use Canada Helps or EOP.

Open Arms and Food Shelf:  These two ministries fill a void in the community.  Guests stop by to pick up their Food Shelf bag or their evening meal. They are grateful to receive the food and as well they have an opportunity to connect with a person(s). The items needed for this week are: 

Ø  canned meat or fish,

Ø  peanut butter

Ø  instant coffee.

Prayer Warriors:  The praying has started…well it never really stopped!  However, the warriors are praying daily for you.  We are in need of two more prayer warriors.  Would it be you per chance? Remember we are all qualified to pray. It is a desire to be in conversation with God.  Paula Gooder, a British theologian writes that Jesus sent out the disciples to do God’s work, doubts and all. Email me directly at: to sign up.

Exciting Opportunities:  Reminder that Rev. Marie Loewen has a Zoom Bible study on Wednesdays. Contact her at:  

Rev. Peter Armstrong will offer an online Alpha course on Wednesday and Sunday evenings.  The Alpha course introduces the basics of the Christian faith through a series of talks and discussions.  Alpha has been described as “an opportunity to explore the meaning of life". Contact Rev. Peter at: or telephone 705-474-4005.

Have a blessed week full of promise, peace and hope.  Remember to whom you belong and that you are part of a strong, vibrant and thriving community of believers.Life Couldn’t Be Better! Free Flowers and Free Delivery!  Pam Handley, our gardener par excellence, has a large quantity of coleus in different sizes and colors, some Begonias and Roma tomato seedlings free to all who are interested. Call Pam at 705-472-3573 or email to arrange a pick-up time or, if you prefer, arrange for free delivery. Tom Zink has offered to deliver plants to anyone who prefers to stay safe at home: free, safe, physically -distanced delivery with a smile!

Every blessing,