Rev. Beth's Weekly Letter - Sep 5

Saturday September 5, 2020

Dear Friends: 

Do come in!  Our first worship service together will be Sunday, September 13th at 10:30 a.m.  It will be different from past services. Think of the reopening as a “work in progress.” We are not new to change. In fact, we have embraced it. COVID-19 has required us to be flexible and open as the rules and guidelines have changed often due the best thinking and practices at the time. 

With an attitude of hope and joy let us re-enter God’s house of prayer with praise and blessings.

How lovely is your dwelling place,
    Lord of hosts!
My soul longs, indeed it faints
    for the courts of the Lord;
my heart and my flesh sing for joy
    to the living God. (Psalm 84:1-2)

Returning/Reopening the Church

  • We all wear masks unless there is a health condition that would contraindicate it.
  • Singing is suspended,
  • Respect physical distancing

There is a designated area of the church that is open. Other rooms will be locked and not in use. The rooms that are locked are: the David Johnson Parish Hall, bathrooms in the Parish Hall, the Nursery and the Thorneloe Room. The bathroom off the church sanctuary is open.

Now, imagine coming to church. 

Step 1: Individuals, family units or couples walk up the stairs to the front door. To use the elevator is discussed later in the letter. An usher will greet you and provide hand sanitizer. 

Step 2: The usher will direct you to the greeter who will register you. Everyone in your party needs to register for contact tracing.  If a parishioner contacts COVID -19, we will be able to contact quickly everyone who was at the service.

Step 3: The greeter will direct you to the two sidespeople who will give you a bulletin and bring you to your pew. Some pews are taped off and not in use.

Elevator entrance: The elevator is available for entry into the narthex (church lobby). When entering the church from the lower level, an usher will greet you and provide hand sanitizer. When you enter the elevator, the usher will wipe down the buttons on the panel. You then will push the “C” button and go up to the church lobby. Arriving at the narthex, you will be met by the upstairs usher who will direct you to the greeter taking attendance. Then follow Step 3.

During the service the children/young people will stay with their families. Sunday school kits will be available for the young people. At this time Sunday school is not available.

Bathroom: The bathroom off the church sanctuary is available. After using the facilities, please use two or three Lysol wipes to wipe down the seat, the taps, the counter and the door knob. Used wipes go into the wastepaper basket not the toilet. 

The services will be led by Rev. Beth, a lay reader and the musician. At this time there isn’t a choir, servers or readers.

Communion will be served. Only the host will be offered. Rev. Beth will be in front of the steps with Communion. The sidespeople will guide you up for Communion. Rev. Beth is also able to go to parishioners who are not able to come to the front. Do watch this instructional Youtube from the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto.  It is useful to see how Communion will be dispensed.

We will leave the church in reverse order, maintaining physical distancing. The sidespeople will guide you out of the church beginning at the back of the church. 

Other items

  • The offering plate will be at the back of the church where you may leave your offering.
  • The peace is a bow, wave or some acknowledgment to your neighbors. 
  • Coffee hour is suspended.

This is all new.  Approach the newness with gladness and singleness of heart that we are able to be together again, albeit in a new way. 

More Updates

Welcome Home Message: Listen to Archbishop’s Anne message as she welcomes us back to church. Wait for it, it takes a minute or so to load.

Worship link is here.

Blessings on your week. 

Your sister in Christ,