Rev. Beth's Weekly Letter

Sunday March 29th

Dear Friends:

As Corona virus continues the mayor of Calgary –Naheed Nenshi -reminds us Clean Hands, Clear Mind and Open Hearts will help in flattening the curve.    Wise words worth  repeating each day.

Worship: Use this link for the week’s service.   It is wonderful!      Rev. Joan Locke has invited us to a coffee hour using Zoom technology.

Both Food Shelf and Open Arms Café ministries continue. Numbers are going up.  This past week the Food Shelf handed out 28 bags of nutritious food.  This week what is needed is:

  • pasta sauce
  • sugar
  • instant coffee
  • canned vegetables.

The Parish Hall is open on Tuesday between 10:00 to 11:00am to drop off items. If you have Facebook, please put this request on the page. Thank you for the donations last week.  Truly, truly  appreciated.

Open Arms Café:  Did you read the article in the Nugget on Thursday March 26th and see the great photos?  What surprised you in the article?   Look for more photos on our web page:   This past week ninety people were served a delicious take out meal.

Dinner/Auction:  There is a date! Friday October 2nd   for the “End of Covoid -19 Celebration.” Mark your calendars and bring your friends.  It will be a wonderful evening.

Finances:   Parishioners have used various ways to continue to support the church. Thank you!   This week our wonderful treasure Irv Dyck has worked with the bank and St.  John’s is able to receive E transfers . Remember you can use the post or opt for EOP or use Canada Helps to submit your offering.

Sunday March 29th   - Light  the  Candle of Hope

Primate Linda Nicholls issued a call to prayer for this Sunday. She is asking everyone to light a candle of hope in the window of their home or on their porch. Join the Primate on the Anglican Church of Canada Facebook at 7pm EDT.    If you do not use Facebook light a candle while listening to the Morning Prayer service.

From Romans 8: 28 we read that “all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose.”  We may not see right now how Covoid-19 will play out.  However as people of faith we know hope.  Let us hold fast to the hope of our faith as we move forward through each day. Keep in the forefront that God’s peace passes all understanding – even Covoid -19 -and it will guard our hearts and our minds. 

How are you fairing?  What are some of the strategies you have developed in your “new” daily routine to keep healthy – in spirit, mind and body? Use reply to submit your suggestions. Some of mine are:  

  • Morning and evening devotions.
  • Reaching out to someone different each week to stay connected.
  • Limiting in any form my news consumption.
  • Doing something physical and/or creative: - walking, biking, tai chi, knitting and reading.

Take care, stay well and safe.

Your sister in Christ,