A Musical Adventure: A Roof-Raising Fundraiser! (2019)

A Musical Adventure

On the evening of Friday November 8th 2019, St John's hosted "A Musical Adventure: A roof-raising fund-raiser!". Guests were captivated by the musical talent of performers:

  • Jason Brock
  • Hannah Shira Naiman (2017 CFMA winner Traditional Singer of the Year) & Dave Merleau
  • Heartbeat Quartet
  • Dominique Ethier and Sharon Paris, accompanist
  • Time After Time

Everybody also got the opportunity to share their own vocal talents and join in for three separate sing-a-longs!

Our hosts for the evening were The Rev. Beth Hewson and Stephen Kitzul.

Jason Brock Dominique Ethier & Sharon Paris

Beth Hewson & Stephen Kitzul Sing-a-long

View from the back of the nave Hannah Shira Naiman & Dave Merleau

Time After Time Harmony Quartet featuring Tom Zink