Enjoying a Cruise on Lake Nipissing

Margaret Richardson and Doris Lovel, both long time members of St. Johns but now deceased, are pictured here on a cruise on The Chief Commanda II on Lake Nipissing July 23, 1994. The cruise was organized for The North Bay Area Museum by Pam Handley when curator of the Museum on Riverbend Road.

Margaret Richardson and Doris Lovel on the Chief Commanda II

A Blast from the Distance Past… brighten your day. Steve Kitzuk led a Lector’s training workshop in April 2011. It was an afternoon workshop that covered prayer, music and how to read biblical passages aloud in a service for the congregation. In the photo are the graduates. 

First row: L to R Judy Claus, Molly Cleator, Rev. Dr. Derek Neal, Isabelle Churcher, Alan Parslow

Back row: ??,??, Diane Randall, Marg Soroye, Steve Kitzul

Group Photo from the 2011 Lector's Workshop

A Blast from the Recent Past… was Shrove Tuesday known as Pancake Tuesday, February 25, 2020! The Men’s group hosted a successful Pancake and Sausage meal. The photo are some of chefs who ensured the food was good and plentiful.

The Men's Group chefs preparing dinner on Shrove Tuesday, 2020

Mike Patterson, Ken Pawson, Irv Dyck, Tom Zink, Rob Patterson, Lloyd Leonard.