Typically, worship at the Parish of St. John the Divine generally uses the liturgy for Holy Communion found in The Book of Alternative Services (BAS)

Worship Resources

Forward Day by Day

Forward Day by Day is a wonderful resource to enrich your regular devotions. Join with many others worldwide who use this as a resource for daily prayer, Bible Study and other resources to strengthen your faith and heart. Find out about the Good Book Club initiative.

Paula Gooder

Paula Gooder is a British theologian and Anglican lay reader, who specializes in the New Testament. Her books, readings, you tube presentations are fresh, stimulating and thought provoking. Her passion is to ignite people's enthusiasm for reading the Bible today in an accessible and interesting way and she does!

Building Faith

Building Faith is a rich resource for growing in the knowledge and love of God. Recognizing that formation happens in many different settings – home, camps, mission and more - the site has meaningful activities and articles for all ages – children, youth and adults. Check it out at buildfaith.org

Services for the week of 29 May to 5 June, 2023

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